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Suppliance in Europe

We are an independent platform made up of experienced and
competent IT service partners in Europe.

  • Suppliance Österreich
  • Suppliance Schweiz
  • Suppliance Deutschland
  • Suppliance Polen

Our clients also benefit from the platform thanks to the
cross-border nature of the collaborations.

We are independent – what does that mean for you?

We are not a recruitment agency in the traditional sense of the term, with our own candidate database. 
We guarantee the best quality and quantity possible when providing our IT services without restriction.

How can we guarantee our services?

Thanks to the long-term experience of our corporate members and our transparent cooperation with our partners. Our extensive know-how from a wide range of sectors, including banking, finance, insurance, telecoms, industry, trade and also software development places us in the position to guarantee this.


Suppliance GmbH was born out of a philosophy. The idea of creating a profitable platform for clients and partners alike emerged several years before the company was founded. Thanks to experience and contacts in the national and international field, Suppliance GmbH was finally launched as a company in Austria in 2013. Suppliance GmbH was only partially in its infancy at the outset, because we represent an amalgamation of several companies that have been active in the IT market for many years. Nevertheless, it was still a challenge for us to establish ourselves as a new company in the IT market. 

We are proud that we have grown into a successful, innovative and yet still family-run business with character since our foundation. We have completed countless IT projects, have successfully supported numerous companies by placing staff with them and are a popular IT contracting partner in the personnel leasing sector. Moreover, we are the first choice for clients in the public sector when it comes to finding suitable IT specialists.

In just a few years, Suppliance GmbH has successfully made the transition from a newly founded IT service provider to a large, international company. Nevertheless, it is important to not forget the beginnings full of hard work, sleepless nights and stress. We proudly look back on our history and key milestones.






Suppliance enters the IT market


  • Deployment of the 1st IT specialists
  • Participation in the 1st public tender


1st framework agreement concluded


Foundation of Suppliance Germany


Foundation of Suppliance Poland


  • Significant growth in sales
  • Expansion of our team


Deployment of over 70 IT specialists from a wide variety of industries and countries


We are convinced that a company can only function effectively as a community and that social and respectful interaction is a key factor for success. What sets us apart as a team is our constant development, discipline, adaptability, close cooperation and mutual trust and praise for one another. We are proud of these values. #neverchangeawinningteam

Suppliance Team - IT services Suppliance Team - IT services



We will be delighted to tell you more about the precise possibilities of working together either by phone or face-to-face.

You can reach us by phone on  +43 1 226 00 80 or by email at office(at)suppliance.at.

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